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Saved Wood Rulers

Project goal 

Develop and design a new Ruler.



Sometimes, working with the "wrong" side of the matirial yields interesting results.

This was the guiding principle in designing a series of rulers made by residue of veneer wood, attached together and processed on their sides, rather than their faces.

The rulers are based on the consistency of the veneer thickness. The natural color of the wood leaves it legible and clear to read.

The series of five different rulers rely on different archetypes. Each

one stands for Itself and was designed indinividually while stretching the limits of the material. Turning the wood layers in small batches allows easy reading of the scale marks.

In addition, Maple is used as a backbone, prevents the rulers to

warp, whilst connecting the entire series of rulers as a one family.


Method of Construction 



Advisors -

Galina Arbeli, Asaf Weinbroom, 2015.

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