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Project’s goal

Finding a spot in the public laundry life and to make an influence on. 



Public laundry is a part of many people's everyday life, yet the carrying of the laundry back and forth is quite a clumsy task. Putting fresh laundry in the same bag used for the dirty laundry is an odour setback in the process. To end, although the laundry is carried out by machine, a human handling of providing the right amount of soap is nessecary.


Design response

An ecological plastic bag made out from a water soluble polymer in a shape of school bag. The bag contains a strip of laundry soap that marks the maximum size of 6 kg clothes. Furthermore, the bag is contained as a laundry collection basket at home


Method of Construction 

Plastic bag soldering.



Adi kitry, Adi Spiegel, 2014 


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