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ARCOS - Androgen Set of Knives


Project goal 

The course was a real-life simulation of designing a product as a team.

The product was designed for the Arcos knives company by

 Amir Rozen, Raz Silberman and Myself.


We are living in a Multi gendered century. Ever since the Feminist revolution, the limits of gender segregation have been blurred out. Today, Pink belongs to men and women alike and saying sentences such as: “Who is wearing the pants" may sound not in place anymore.


Cooking is becoming less of a gender related matter. Making food for our children or our partner can be done by anyone.

This being said, most of the equipment in the kitchen is ergonomically designed for men.   

Design response 

Designing an Androgen set of Knives that can be used

comfortably by men and women alike by adjusting the handle length to various hand sizes.


Method of Construction 

3D Printing + Rendering



Ofer Zik, in Collaboration with the Arcos Knives Company, 2015

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