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Israeli Design - Actual Objects

    Standing the position of the useful object in the anthropological discourse is not new matter in its archaeological sense. It is only right to relate the object as a document while it is being used in the fields of archaeology and anthropology to investigate the past of human culture, by finding, documenting and analyzing its’ material and environmental information around us. The enormous amount of data available regarding the “lost cultures” holds its debt to the “silent witnesses” who remained to teach us about their creators and owners, as well as the modes of trade and the political forces operating in their region of origin.

This approach, which examines local product as an outcome of the economic strength and technological capabilities of a political body, served as one of the founders of the Jewish settlers to institutionalize the "invented tradition"that remained in our hands as the character of the State of Israel.

In this project, I would like to do a reverse workflow of the work of cultural researchers by “writing” the present through objects: From Cyber Protection charms to the balloon bombing game.

Mentored by Tal Erez

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