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Project goal 

Create a bell based on various sources of inspiration. 



While researching bells around the world, I was most intrigued

by cracked bells. The paradox is that broken bells do not fulfill the job for which they were created, yet they become cultural icons and tourist attractions. 

I also find the Japanese method of repairing cracked ceramic pieces by filling the gap with precious metals captivating.

Thus a cracked and repaired piece is more valuable than a new 

“perfect” piece, making it more interesting, telling a unique visual story.

In this exercise I made a conscious effort to create the precise bell, with a crack that would tell the story I was looking for.


Modeling method

Ceramic, thrown on wheel tin cast



Talli Avraham, Shir Eshet Amiel, 2013


This Project was presented in 'Neve Shechter' gallery in 2015



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